Yoga Privates

As a dedicated yoga studio, you will appreciate quality instruction at Epídavros. 
Skilled instructors are thoughtfully selected to bring yoga to the community through our studio. 

Yoga Privates offer one-on-one instruction of traditional yoga practices, while yoga therapy is carried out by our Licensed Yoga Therapists. 

If you are looking to learn to practice yoga effectively and safely, yoga privates are your answer. Our yoga teachers work with your schedule and your ability to help you develop a strong practice. Schedule a yoga private or yoga therapy here.

If you are looking to help relieve pain, unlock areas in your body, promote your body's ability to heal itself, then yoga therapy is for you. Our Licensed Yoga Therapists offer the skill that hundreds of hours of extended education provide. Book an initial consult for $20 off and see if this is the right path for you.
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