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Tara L. Mcguire
Yoga Teacher
​Yoga Trainer

As the studio owner, my love and passion for the practice is my driving force. For two decades now, yoga has been the discipline that has molded, guided and carried me. From physical challenges to pregnancy to mothering as well as the common life stresses that one faces, yoga has been there as my teacher, my comforter, and my medicine. Since early 2007, I have been a CYT, and been greatly blessed with enthusiastic students who enjoy yoga. My passion for helping people to learn and grow as they better themselves is a part of my home-schooling to business consulting, to writing and especially, in teaching yoga. I am blessed as much as my students as we learn and grow together in a supportive and personalized approach to creating balance in our bodies, minds, and spirits through yoga. In the studio, whether it is a yoga private or a packed room, I bring a deep knowledge and appreciation for anatomy and body mechanics into a mind body experience. I enjoy taking the beginner with limitations and their neighbor who is advanced through the same thoughtful but appropriate practice. With yoga, it isn't difficult to have your students walking out with a 'yoga glow', but I aim for more. It is my aim to ensure that not only do I give my student/s a safe and well sequenced practice, but that they leave knowing more than they did when they arrived. I am a Teacher and am driven to not to just Give yoga, but help my students Learn yoga. That is my passion and what moves me in the studio space :-)


Yoga Teacher

Aaryn Kornbau is a 2015 graduate with her 200RYT from Expand Yoga in Tacoma Washington. She is trained to teach a hot Vinyasa flow sequence, but has worked closely with Katite Gumicio during her training to understand the 26 posture hot sequence. Aaryn moved to the greater Portland area to continue to pursue her passion for teaching and learning Yoga.


Yoga Teacher

My yoga practice began in 2011 after enduring a lousy summer with a broken ankle the year before. I was blessed by a rigid Physical Therapy regimen which brought my ankle back to full strength. Part of the recovery process was marked by my search for an outlet to compliment my passion for running as well as something that would feed me spiritually. Beginning with gym yoga, I fell in love. My home practice grew and I eventually found a studio in Southern California that just "fit". I felt challenged by the asanas, calmed by the practice of pranayama, and disciplined by the meditative aspect for my "monkey-mind". I completed my 200-hour teacher training in May of 2015, with a heavy emphasis in Flow Yoga. It is my hope that those with whom I practice will feel challenged, inspired and calmed by engaging on the yoga journey together.


Yoga Teacher

My journey into yoga began when I was a senior in college studying Journalism at the University of Oregon. In need on an extra credit, I enrolled in my first yoga class as a way to alleviate stress and supplement my fitness routine. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the yoga was doing so much more than just relieving stress—it was suddenly tying together the loose ends of all my interests and opening my eyes to new perspectives. It wasn’t long before my passive exploration into yoga blossomed into a full passion. Practicing yoga, both on an off the matt, soon became an integral part of my everyday life and further unveiled my deep-seated interest in holistic health. My interests in the internal and holistic aspects of yoga in conjunction with my desire to deepen my knowledge of asana led me to become a yoga instructor. Through practicing and teaching yoga, I maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle that nourishes my spiritual energy and continues to awaken a magic within myself I never knew existed. As an instructor, I hope to creatively share the myriad of benefits yoga has to offer while helping students unveil and awaken their own internal magic.


Yoga Teacher

Like many people, I came to yoga looking for some exercise and a little break from raising my three young children. However, I quickly discovered that yoga was more than just relaxing exercise. I always leave my mat feeling that I have nurtured both my body and my soul. I feel inspired to show others that asana can be just the beginning of a transformative yoga practice. Using thorough instruction in alignment, proper sequencing of poses, and a deep respect for each individual’s personal practice, I strive to ensure that my classes are both safe and enjoyable. I love to teach in a “workshop” style, wishing for students to leave having learned something new about both their body and their mind. I completed my 200-hr teacher certification through YogaWorks in 2014, and look forward to continuing my formal education in yoga instruction.


Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began with a desire to use my body in a calm and peaceful way; but over time this grew to be more of a source for community, love, hope and well being. I found my way to Epidavros through a friend and jumped right into the first teacher training! This was one of the best decisions I've made in my life and I feel lucky and honored to be a part of the team here! I have worked in teaching - primarily infants and young children - for many years and have always sought out ways to bring health and compassion into my teaching tool box. I am excited to start my journey as a yoga instructor, here, at Epidavros!


Yoga Teacher

I first discovered yoga in 2006 after taking a Vinyasa power yoga class at my local gym. When the teacher did her first swan dive for forward fold, it was so beautiful and I was swept away by the graceful flow. I was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits but soon discovered yoga nurtures my mind, body and soul.  One of the reasons yoga is so magical and medicinal for me is because it invites an opportunity to slow down. Learning to take the clarity gained from my practice on the mat and into my daily life has been profound. I look at life’s challenges as asanas and ask myself how can I stay in this asana calmly and still have a beautiful day. My intention as a teacher is to help my students find the confidence and comfort to be themselves and to be truly comfortable with who they are. I try to emphasize that yoga is not about whether you can do a pose or not, but that it’s about the journey of letting go of what you think you should look like and finding your most meaningful, authentic self. Namaste Friends. See you in the yoga room!


Yoga Teacher

My yogic journey began almost 20 yrs ago, not long after discovering a fondness for meditation. As an ex gymnast, my body was injury filled at a young age and I realized that I couldn't even comfortably sit for any extended length of time. I even resorted to sleeping on a heating pad on and off for years. Once I discovered the therapeutic benefits of yoga, I threw away the heating pad and was able to feel a healthy union again of body, mind, and soul. Since completing 200 hr CRT, I strive to help others to identify & release stresses by sharing my knowledge of alignment and breath so that they can better cultivate bliss awareness. I seek to bring out the inner peace that already resides in all of us, and to discover a healthy balance on and off the mat.


Yoga Teacher

Laura came to yoga in 2005, when she enrolled in a class at a community college. She was instantly inspired and moved by the practice. Throughout the years her practice waxed and waned, but it was always there when she needed help getting through life’s transitions. In 2010, she used the power of pranayama breathing to bring her daughter into the world au-natural. After the birth of her daughter, she was left with a lot of extra baby weight and an unfamiliar sense of self. Feeling a bit awkward in her new skin, Laura returned to her yoga practice with a renewed sense of self, dedication, and commitment. She lost all the baby weight, and her story was even featured in Kathryn Budig’s Big Book of Yoga from Women’s Health Magazine. Laura began her teaching career by teaching English to adults, but was eventually inspired to switch gears and begin teaching her true passion, yoga! As an avid Vinyasa Flow practitioner with an obsession for arm balances and inversions, Laura seeks to bring her spirited love of yoga to her students. Laura’s classes are a playful multi-level mix of alignment, breath, challenge, humor, and love.


Yoga Teacher
Tai Chi Teacher

Natalie is a Virginia native that has practiced yoga since age 15. Her practice began as a way to supplement running and playing competitive sports, but has evolved into a lifestyle she pursues on a daily basis. Natalie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Inbound School in Cusco, Peru in May 2016 and her Tai Chi instructor certification in October 2016 with Suman Barkhas. Natalie is living in Oregon as she completes a year of service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.


Yoga Teacher
Yoga Therapist

I believe that life is such a gift and that every moment is precious! When I’m not spreading love of wellness and movement, I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband and daughter, and our friends and family. I love being in nature - especially when it’s time spent enjoying my favorite sports of motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding and my newest love of road biking! I find joy in my garden, going on walks, hikes, camping and anything that brings me closer to nature!


Yoga Teacher
Professional Yoga Therapist

Growing up in the Northwest on a farm gave me my passion for nature, the outdoors and my love of animals, especially horses. Being a dressage and endurance rider my yoga journey started after I developed chronic lower back pain. I began my yoga practice and fell in love with yoga, not only with the asana practice but with the yogic philosophy that we take off the mat. Guiding clients and students to learn that yoga is a journey of discovery, of our relationships between the body, mind, heart and the breath. I experience such joy teaching clients and students to meet and embrace themselves where they are in each moment, on and off the mat. I am a PYT1000 (Professional Yoga Therapist), TIYT (Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist), and AYS (Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist).


Yoga Teacher

A newcomer to yoga later in life, it has turned into a wonderfully fulfilling part of my journey. I was merely looking for a new form of exercise and it has evolved into a whole new way of interacting with life. Yoga has not only increased my strength and flexibility but has also brought about a way of maintaining my center through focused breathing and incorporating the Yoga Sutras principles. Life still has its ups and downs, but I have greater tools with which to work through them now.


Yoga Teacher

After living most of my life outdoors and growing up very active, it seemed only natural to become a Personal Trainer once graduating from PSU. But after a few years of both heavy weight-lifting and long distance hiking year round, my body began to fall apart at only 24! Yoga had casually been introduced to me while working at gyms, but it didn't truly resonate with me until I stepped foot into a yoga studio environment and began to feel the healing affects of yoga. To say that yoga has changed my life is an understatement. Not only have I benefited immensely from a physical practice, but by also practicing the other limbs of yoga I've been able to witness deep & internal changes occurring within myself that I never knew were possible. I am a huge advocate of functional movement, meditation/prayer, and "clean eating." When these components are all combined, it can be a powerful way to heal your mind, body & spirit. Yoga is this incredible gift that we are all entitled to receiving. I feel so blessed that I get to help expose this gift to others as a yoga instructor. Move your body every day, exercise your mind, rest well, eat well, and adorn your heart with gratitude.


Buti Yoga Teacher

Satheara is a massage therapist and reiki practitioner with a passion for wellness and helping others find their personal power. As a lifelong dancer and performer, she always enjoyed yoga, but she didn't truly fall in love with it until she discovered Buti Yoga (the perfect mix of dance and yoga). She began teaching Buti in 2016 and is thankful to be able to share the joy of this healing and empowering practice!​


Yoga Teacher

Breathe in and love every moment of life. That is my mantra. Yoga has helped me realize how to do this. Yoga is a wonderful combination of physical movements and breathing that give this sort of “accidental” euphoric feeling. After practicing, I always feel wonderful and able to take on anything life can throw at me; or just able to appreciate the small things around me. The birds flying overhead, the wind blowing the cherry blossoms, the feeling of rain on my face, the sound of my son’s laughter. Every moment of life holds something to be cherished. My hope is to help others discover the pain relief and mental well-being which they are searching for. I love talking to yoga students about what ails them and finding ways to help ease those ailments. It’s amazing when I see students make progress in yoga class, and hear about their improvements. I have training in basic Vinyasa yoga, Yoga for Seniors and will soon be completed with a yearlong 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification program through Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton. The physical benefits of yoga are wide: back and neck pain relief, increased flexibility, improved circulation, even better digestion, just to name a few. It is because of these physical benefits I first began practicing yoga 13 years ago. I was happy to discover the mental and spiritual benefits as well. I always say “I take stretch requests,” because I want to make sure that the students find what they came for, plus some.​​


Yoga Teacher

As a young child who experienced high anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies, I practiced yoga naturally. My body knew exactly what to do to calm and soothe itself in times of stress, whether it be rocking gently, hanging upside down from a tree, or curling up in a ball. I became involved in gymnastics, and fell head over heels in love with the balance beam because of the feelings of joy and peace that I felt in those moments of total concentration. I practiced gymnastics for three years before giving up the lessons due to financial hardship, and what followed was a painful adolescence and young adulthood marked by a total lack of physical activity and body awareness. As my awareness left my body, it got stuck in my mind, which was filled with confusion, fear, and longing, and I became obsessed with seeking out external sources of love. At the age of twenty-nine, I reclaimed my Yoga practice, and awoke to find, with joy, that all of the love I will ever need is already within me. As a practitioner of Yoga, my aim is to cultivate the health, presence, and authenticity necessary for that love to shine out into the world and someday expand to its fullest expression. As an Instructor, my purpose is to share with other practitioners the tools that have allowed me to bring peace back into my body and spirit, and to promote a community of support and connection as we walk together but separately on our journeys toward increased health and well being.


Yoga Teacher

I took my first yoga class at age 51. Like most beginners, I came to yoga as a form of physical exercise. I also hoped yoga would help ease some of the aches and pains of “middle age.” Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey I would want to continue for the rest of my life.
I believe nearly everyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of their physical fitness or challenges. The physical practice of yoga - asana practice - benefits all of the body’s systems, and helps our bodies remain able to move with ease as we age. Asanas also help quiet our nervous system so we can truly relax and find peace. But the physical practice is only one aspect of yoga. For those who also embrace the teachings of yoga, the breathing practice (pranayama), and the meditative practices, yoga can become much more than a way of “doing” something - it can become a way of “being.”
I want to share that path with my students. It is my goal to offer interesting, varied classes that awaken both the body and the mind, and leave my students feeling centered, present, and ready to face the world beyond the studio. “With great respect and love, now the blessings of yoga instruction are offered.” Sutra 1:1.


Yoga Teacher

​Veronica took her first yoga class in 2005 and has been a lover of yoga ever since. Veronica feels that yoga has taught her so much not only on the mat but off the mat as well. Yoga and the lessons it carries are everywhere. Veronica likes to share the philosophies of yoga in her classes through asana, meditation, mantra, and mudras. Veronica found yoga to be healing physically, mentally, and spiritually in her own practice. She knew she wanted to share the beautiful gift of yoga with others so she began teaching. She is currently a 200hr-RYT and will be completed with her 300hr Teacher Training Program in Spring of 2017. When she is not doing yoga she enjoys spending time with family, exploring, mixing essential oils, attending festivals, and metaphysical magic. 

Yogi Nasser​

Yoga Teacher

Since 1994, Yogi Nasser has been teaching nondenominational Hatha Yoga to all those who are passionate about developing themselves holistically. His classes are conducted with an emphasis on conscious thought, breath, and movement. The practice is non-strenuous, yet challenging, and is tailored to suit each student at what ever level of ability they may be. From students who have never practiced before, to the most seasoned teachers, all can benefit from his guidance.
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