Restorative Movement ™

On-on-one or group classes
Classes Mondays 10:30-11:30am
Private Sessions $45/30mins and $65/60mins

Modern life, with all of its advances to make our lives easier has actually made our bodies weaker. Sitting the bulk of our lives in repetitive positions, wearing tight, non-conforming shoes, and clothing, hunched over computers, or other work has made our bodies WONKY. Think of all the time spent sitting in cars, buses, at desks, when we eat, when we watch TV.... chair to chair we go--it adds up! Walking on flat and level surfaces has left our feet, our foundation, weak and in pain, and this affects our whole body.

Based on the work of Katy Bowman we learn to see our body’s alignment---where it is and where it should be---So that we can correct ourselves as we go about our day to bring about optimal musculoskeletal function. We will go through Corrective Stretches, Strengthening Exercises, and learn how to break habits of holding our hips, feet, ribcage, spine, and heads, in incorrect alignment that can be causing damage or pain.

This work addresses the whole body. The whole body is involved with your bum knee, dowager’s hump, weak or leaky pelvic floor, bunions, etc. We will learn ways to sneak natural movement and the correctives into your daily life and how to even work out on company time! Standing desks are great but if you are standing all day with bad alignment that ain’t any better than sitting in bad alignment, right?

Once you restore the lost function, you will move more of you, better! This class is important to everyone from their 20’s to the Golden years!​​   

Heather Cook,
 LMT, RES,  RYT200

Heather Cook is a LMT and a Restorative Exercise Specialist ™​. She has been at Epi since 2014 where she has practiced massage and received her RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training from Epidavros School of Yoga/Tara McGuire & Tomme Fent. When not in session she loves to hike around (in minimal shoes of course) and play with plants and dirt!​

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