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Infrared Sauna
Whole Body Vibration
Ionic Foot Detox
The Whole Body Vibration Machine is a platform that you stand on which produces vibrations offering a stimulus to the body. The energy is safely and effectively transferred to your body stimulating every cell - your muscles, your bones and your soft tissue. As acceleration increases, your body will feel like it weighs more thus mimicking weight-bearing exercise. The result is less stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons when compared to regular resistance training. Do not exceed two sessions daily for health reasons.
The MPS sauna uses Active Carbon Fibers™ that cover most of the interior within the sauna. In fact, it has the largest radiation surface area in the industry. Our Active Carbon Fibers™ have up to a 20-times-larger surface area of radiation than other heaters that are commonly used in infrared saunas. The MPS Sauna will provide you with the most advanced far-infrared experience. You will be amazed at how such a warm environment makes you feel so comfortable and pleasant when you enjoy the MPS Sauna.  You should not exceed one session daily for safety.
The detox process sets up a type of osmosis condition, which drains out toxins within the body. When you first place your feet into the water and activate the OPTIMUM FOCUS machine, the water is clear. By the end of the 35 min. bath, the water has changed in color due to the cellular waste & impurities present in the water. Impurities are pulled from the body, improving the body's natural resilience. Ideally, you would do 12 session within 4 weeks. Back to back days are too much for the body. Three sessions a week is ideal. Once a full 12 has been done, a three week break is recommended.
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