More than a luxury

Bodywork reduces stress and anxiety; key issues that can lead to serious health problems.
We offer a wide variety of massage styles to meet your needs. Our skilled therapists work with you to find what your desires and your needs are and balance the two. We offer you $20 off of your first massage with us, as a way to meet us face to face and see how we can meet your needs.​​​​

We accept many of the larger insurance carriers, and we specialize in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). Call us to schedule an initial appointment, or book yourself online, or via our custom app that you can find in the app store under our name, Epidavros. We look forward to serving you with massage and know that you will enjoy the skilled body work that our practitioners offer.

Thru the fall, we are offering $10 off of all massages (not to be applied to our intro offer of $20 off), and we also offer discounts for Seniors 65 or better. See how regular massage can improve your life, helping to live longer better by taking advantage of our massage memberships.

Regular massage has been show to reduce stress, improve energy and immune function, and reduce pain in the body. We have massage memberships, which make massage an affordable and reliable part of your self care regimen. For the cost of a coffee a day, you could look and feel your best!


Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
My focus as a massage therapist is on helping you move your body to a place where pain and discomfort become less and less of a distraction to doing the things you want to do in daily life. I use a variety of techniques, taken mainly from direct tissue manipulation, holding a muscle short, relaxation breathing, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage.  This type of work goes very well with Hatha Yoga and other styles of yoga, which is why I’m excited to be here at Epidavros.  I am Oregon licensee #7546. I also do MVA, which means I can fill your massage need following a Motor Vehicle Accident and am able to work with your insurance where coverage is available.


The human body is so extremely intelligent, more than we can ever imagine. Our bodies have innate healing mechanisms built right into its design. Sometimes, we/it get stuck in pain loops or habits of emotional and physical pain. Through bodywork we can allow the body to process what it needs to move beyond these patterns of dysfunction.
I am a Student of Ortho-Bionomy® which has roots in both Osteopathic Medicine and Judo--I know, super interesting, right?! And effective! This subtle bodywork is done by moving the bones, body parts and structures into places of comfort (instead of pain), engaging the nervous system, and allowing the body to see that there are other options and innately self-correct.
I studied Massage Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy at The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics which taught me that the whole person needs healing; all aspects of the person's life may need be considered to heal fully. Other bodywork therapies such as Swedish Esalen, Polarity Therapy, TCM Accupressure points, Shiatsu, hot stone and aromatherapy are used to help the body return to comfort and ease.
I am also currently a Student of Biomechanist Katy Bowman, creator of and leader in the Movement movement. Sitting in chairs the bulk of our lives, wearing shoes that cast our feet, walking on flat and unvaried surfaces and then doing exercise in repetitive ways have left our bodies movement deficient and in pain. Exercise is not the same as Natural Movement! Learn how to move your body better and restore the lost mechanical functions of your body...  ...Classes and private sessions will be available starting January! In the Natural Movement arena we say "I'm going to walk to the gym, walk around the gym and keep on walking."

Epi's 200hrRYT Yoga Teacher Training Certification as well gave me many tools for proper alignment and safety of yoga postures for clients. Even though I do not teach yoga, the knowledge is indispensable!
***I take MVA (MotorVehicleAccident) and Slip & Fall and Worker's Comp cases. 

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