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    Mom & Pop
Our mission is to touch lives and enable healing and empowerment through our Healing Arts Services as well as to build a strcture of business services and facilities that will support the independent Healing Arts practitioner in building a healthy, viable business.

We are a family owned and operated business. As a home-schooling family, we have spent years working together to get things done and we carry that approach into our business. 

Epídavros Center for Wellbeing is a Community of Skilled Practitioners
When you walk in to our center, you will feel the peace, the calm and the energy of health penetrate your soul. Every part of Epídavros was designed with you in mind. As a dedicated yoga studio, you will appreciate quality yoga instruction. In our treatment rooms, you are able to experience the skill of Licensed therapists. When you leave, you will find yourself looking forward to your return.

Epídavros Center for Wellbeing is dedicated to the success of each client, student, and practitioner. We provide a variety of services in one healing space, in an endeavor to maximize the benefit to the clientele that we serve. These complimentary services are an extension of our gifts as instructors, trainers and practitioners. Through complimentary and life affirming modalities, we all aim to increase the vitality and healing in our clientele.

Our business model is supportive and nurturing to all independent instructors and practitioners. Each instructor, trainer, and practitioner provides a thorough resume, references, goes through a back ground check and offers a working interview in order to be welcomes as part of the Epídavros team of professionals. By doing this, we ensure that our clientele are safe, as well as receiving the highest quality of care and instruction possible.

Ancient City-State of Epídavros
It was here that a very important nucleus of ancient Greek civilization was created; a renowned sanctuary for healing, to which the physically and mentally sick traveled afar for 1000 years to seek a cure. The sanctuary of Epídavros is situated amidst olive, pine and citrus trees and is surrounded by the sparkling blue sea. It is believed that it’s sheltered location and natural surroundings, the beauty of the landscape and fertility of the soil, attracted not only men but also gods. The choice of Epídavros as the site where the main (said to be the most splendid) healing sanctuary of the God Asklepios was established was not a random one. The natural beauty and tranquility of the place exerted, as it still does, a beneficial influence on every human being. 

Although Epídavros was a small town, the healing sanctuary was known all over Greece. The theater of Epídavros, built in 4th century B.C., is one of the most special. It is one of the biggest, and one of the most acoustic theaters from the antique era and was built as part of this healing sanctuary. Greek people believed that in that place, the son of god Apolon Asklepij was born and he become patron of healers and doctors. This is why they built the healing sanctuary in this breathtaking place near the sea. The ancient healers would heal sick bodies in the spa., on sport courts and with medicines that today, we would call complementary. They also believed that the body can’t recover if the spirit is not healthy, and therefore regularly visited shows in the theater. The way of healing in the sanctuary of Epídavros, Greece was a holistic one. It is said that Epídavros is the ancient root of all medicine and healing.

A Family Business

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  1. Tara L. McGuire
    Wife, Director, Co-Owner Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer
  2. Don Marthaller
    Husband, Co-Owner Volunteer Receptionist
  3. Faith - Daughter
    Assistant receptionist and Ionic Foot Detox Technician.
  4. Grace - Daughter
    Assistant receptionist and Ionic Foot Detox Technician.
  5. Renée - Daughter
    Yoga Teacher, FST therapist
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